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Save her dream Dress

Save her dream Dress

Hi Brides,

 I would like to share with you a story about why I strongly recommend that brides do not buy their dresses too early. While I completely understand the excitement and joy behind finding your dream dress, life is just too unpredictable. Things do not always go to plan, as this beautiful bride discovered.

 The bride-to-be had decided to purchase her dress before she had a confirmed wedding date. Although the early order went against my policy, she had explained her situation and I alternatively asked her to wait until she had a confirmed wedding date before making any alterations. While she was confident she would not change her mind or her size, life had other ideas.

 Two weeks after making a non-refundable deposit on a venue, the bride found out she was pregnant. In her email sharing her wonderful news, she expressed concern that her current dress might no longer fit, and she would need to select a different option. I assured the bride that this may not be necessary. I suggested that she wait until after the baby is born and then come in for a fitting 4-5 weeks before the wedding date.

 It was important to me to ensure the bride’s dress fit flawlessly and that she continued to adore it as much as she did when she first purchased it. However, if I could not find a way to save it, then I would make sure she found a dress that she loved equally to the first and complimented her figure perfectly.

 In the end, I was able to save her dream dress by letting out the side seams from under her bust and hips. We were both thrilled with the result, and I was very grateful that the bride trusted my advice. I always want to do what is best for my brides.

 The bride’s dress is Essense of Australia D3404, size 16. 

 Connie  xo