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Jenifer Moseley (Wall)

Wedding Dress Essense Australia:

Jenifer Moseley (Wall)Hi Connie, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support, expertise and guidance when searching for my perfect wedding dress. I came to you unsure of what I wanted and what would suit me and from the very first few minutes you were spot on! You knew the exact dress which would turn me into a beautiful bride. You were so accommodating to me living overseas, and when things didn't go to plan, you were so understanding but told me to trust you and you were absolutely right! I am so glad I did, because my dress was absolutely perfect, I loved everything about it and now, a month later, all I want to do is wear it every day!!! Thank you so much, Connie, every bride-to-be needs a superstar dressmaker like you!! Love, Jen Moseley (Wall)