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Worried wouldn't love the dress anymore

Worried wouldn't love the dress anymore

Hi Brides-to-be,

 I had my bride, Michelle, come for her first fitting for the Martina Liana 1467. This was the first time she had tried it on since she ordered it. As I was pinning her dress, she said to me, “I was so worried I wouldn't love it anymore.” 

 I replied, “Oh, no. Really?” 

 She had ordered her dress seven months ago and her wedding is in March 2024.

 The bride explained, “I see these Facebook pages of brides either regretting their dress choices, or not fitting their dresses anymore, and are re-selling them.”

 So, I asked, “Did the majority of brides on these Facebook pages buy their wedding dresses more than a year or two before their weddings?”

 “Yes, they did,” she replied.

 This is the main reason I created my policy at Accapella Bridal — I do not make appointments for brides whose wedding is more than a year away. I have seen too many brides either change their mind about their dress, or increase/decrease in size and are forced to make major alterations. 

Brides need to be happy with their dress choice. I do not want my brides to ever regret the dress they have selected. I also do not want my brides to try their dress on and realise they are going to need major alterations as they bought their dress too early. My policy helps brides to keep their alterations more controlled and, therefore, remain happy with their decision. 

Brides, just remember you do not need to buy or look for your dress more than a year in advance. At Accapella Bridal, alterations are finalised 3-4 weeks before your wedding date to get the best fit for your wedding day. I have also completed alterations one week before the big day.

I hope this story helps you as you are trying to decide the best time to buy your wedding dress. 


Connie :-)