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Urgent-not happy

Urgent-not happy

Hi Brides-to-be , 

 I had a bride that emailed me on Saturday with the heading: URGENT ‼️ 

 She explained that she was not happy with her dress despite it having already been altered. She had purchased a Madi Lane dress, but the boutique she bought it from had ordered a size 18 as she was breastfeeding when she went for her consultation. 

 When we were in the change room, I explained that I would normally refuse to sell a gown to a lady who had just had a baby, because the body goes through so many changes in the months that follow, especially when you finish breastfeeding. I always say to wait until 5 months out from the wedding before deciding on the size to order, even if you've decided which dress you love. Turns out I DID say that to the bride, and she went ahead and bought the dress elsewhere! 

 She knew I'd pull through, though. We've found her a correctly sized replacement dress from my rack, and it fits much better than her previously altered one could ever be made to fit. Her wedding is in just 11 days so we were very lucky to have one the right size and style in stock for her!

 No photos today, to protect the bride's privacy. It's an expensive process to buy two dresses. 

 Brides -- I've been in the business longer than many of you have been alive -- I don't say things like 'it's too early to order your dress' just to hear the sound of my own voice! If I make a recommendation, it is always, ALWAYS, in your best interest.


Connie xo