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Short wedding dress Alterations

Short wedding dress Alterations

Hi Brides-to-be,

I recently had a bride arrive at my boutique in a panic. I recognised her from a previous consultation when she had visited in search of a short wedding dress. The bride explained that when she went for her final fitting with her dressmaker, she was devastated to find that the dress she tried on bore no resemblance to her dream dress and was beyond repair!

I told her to come in and let me have a look. Unfortunately, the dress had been cut too short, the waistline sat too high, and her bust no longer fit into the bra cup. I also noticed that the dressmaker had just tucked in the shoulder strap, instead of altering it properly, causing the shoulder to be bulky. 

Fortunately, this mistake worked in the bride’s favour. I skilfully unpick the shoulder strap, slightly lengthening the dress while adjusting the waistline to enhance the fit around the bust. I also altered the dress at the bust, resulting in a significantly better fit.  

The bride was so relieved with the outcome. While it was a little shorter than she originally wanted, I reminded her that she was getting married in Vegas and could get away with it. 

I also asked the bride why she didn’t tell the dressmaker about her issues with the dress. She explained that she was so upset that she just had to get out of there and then remembered her consultation with me. She could tell that I knew what I was doing and came running straight to Accapella Bridal. 

Connie xo