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Queensland Bride

Queensland Bride

Hi Brides-to-be,

 I had a Queensland bride come to my boutique looking for her dream dress. She was in love with D3634 but couldn’t find it anywhere. She had looked in Queensland, Sydney, and in my boutique, and was beginning to lose heart. 

 Once we discussed her options, and I shared that I altered gowns and carried the label she was looking for, she decided to order her dream dress through my boutique and book in for alterations. The bride and her mum appreciated my knowledge of bridal wear and didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere else. 

 As the bride lived in Queensland, I suggested that we minimise her alterations. After considering her measurements, I was confident that a size 12 would be the best fit. This size fit her bust perfectly, and knowing there was enough seam in the skirt to allow for alterations, I suggested letting out the skirt to create a flawless fit at the hips. 

 The bride said it all worked out seamlessly. She came in on a Thursday at 9 am for a final fitting, picked up her dream dress fitting to perfection on Friday, and had her Hen’s Night that weekend. 

 I consider it a great honour to be entrusted with seeing the dress through to the end. 

 This bride is wearing D3634.

Connie xo