Wedding Dress Essense Australia:

Thank you to my bride Lauren Dunand (Evans) for her beautiful words:

"Hi Connie, congratulations on your new adventure with the bridal store, I'm sure you will be very busy and I will be recommending you to everyone.. Here are some photos from our wedding- everyone commented on the dress style suiting me perfectly and I was so excited with the result of it.. Thank you so much for all of your advice and patience with me when I wanted to change the sleeves and remove the godets- it ended up looking like it was made for me. - Lauren"
I also want to thank Lauren personally for driving down from Sydney on the first day I opened my new Accapella Bridal boutique in Auburn St with a bunch of roses. I was truly touched. Your complements and sharing that you had a wonderful experience buying a dress from me makes me happy to open my doors of a morning. It makes my job not feel like work, so thank you.
Connie xo